Professor Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar

Ph.D., Vice Chancellor, National Skills University Islamabad, Pakistan

Professor Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar is currently serving as Founding Vice Chancellor of National Skills University Islamabad. Previously he contributed to four universities as Vice Chancellor/Rector. Besides an accomplished academic leader, Prof. Mukhtar's scientific training is in the area of molecular virology. His pioneering work related to understanding the passage of viruses into the human brain has been recognized globally with the ‘Outstanding Scientist Visa Award’ from the US government, which has the preliminary requirement of having a Nobel prize.

A brain in a test tube model developed in his laboratory used across the world received >20 million US$ grants from the US National Institute of Health and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Professor Mukhtar has a unique experience of managing and working in the biosafety level 3 laboratories. By serving on the Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia, USA, Institutional Review Board, his advisory role in Phase I - IV clinical trials got acknowledgement as “Dr. Mukhtar was a well-liked member who served with distinction, bringing his particular expertise to review a wide variety of research studies involving human subjects.”