Mobile Manufacturing Technician

A course aimed at producing qualified and trained technicians for mobile manufacture industry


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6 Months, 520 hours
20 hours / 4 per day


Total Fee: PKR 30,000

Per Month: PKR 5000

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About Mobile Manufacturing Technician

Mobile phone manufacturing has gained momentum due to the new government policy of encouraging the local industry. A number of foreign and local companies have setup mobile phone assembly plants and in the next phase of local indigenous manufacture, technical expertise is required. This course has been prepared in collaboration with mobile phone industry that will provide a qualified master trainer and also facilitate apprenticeship in its industry. This course will provide job opportunities as a technician and as an entrepreneur for setting up mobile sales and service business.

Skills You Will Learn

Successful completion of this certificate will provide you the right balance of knowledge, skills, attitude, and work experiences, an essential element of employability in the industry.

  • Identify basic mobile components.
  • Use basic electronics test devices to measure and test mobile components and circuits.
  • Interpret basic mobile circuits and solder the requisite components on the PCB board according to the layout diagram.

Tasks You Can Perform (Competencies) On the Completion of Certificate

  • Use electronic devices to test electronic circuits for open circuit, short circuit and ground.
  • Test electronic semi-conductors, transistors and ICs for performance faults.
  • Repair and maintain basic mobile circuits as per given performance criteria.
  • Work on assembly line of mobile kits

Total Course Duration (6 Months)

Weekly Class Hours

20 hours/4 per day

Total Contact Hours

520 hours


30% Theory, 70% Practical

Career Prospects

Upon completing this certificate, you will develop skills that are high in demand in the mobile manufacturing, assembly and service industry as well as work as an entrepreneur. After completion of this course, the trainees will be able to work in;

  • Local Mobile Assembly units
  • Mobile Sales & Service Entrepreneur
  • Local Mobile Manufacturing Industry
  • Mobile Service and Repair Technician

Skills Oriented Learning Modules

(One week)

History of Mobile Phones, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies.

(One week)

Health, safety and security precautions and standards followed in telecom industry

(One Week)

Basic work practices in the mobile manufacturing industry and the work ethics and code of conduct for a successful business and entrepreneurship.

(2 weeks)

Electronic circuit design using breadboard, vero-board, PCB based circuit design and etching. Soldering, de-soldering and testing.

(2 Weeks)

Introduction and working principle of major parts of cell phones, Introduction and functionality of minor parts of cell phones. Functional checking of parts before & after fixing.

(2 weeks)

Tools, instruments and their usage, setting of electronic lab and use of testing equipment, Working of cell phone tower. Disassembly and assembly procedure.

(4 weeks)

Test & Trouble shooting; Importance of research & development; Fundamental check of parts before fixing; Precaution while minor repairing; Precaution while major repairing; Component testing & replacing.

(2 weeks)

Configuration; Software uploading & software downloading; Flashing procedure; How to create an application for mobile set.

(2 weeks)

Soldering, laser cutting; Reading of PCB diagram; Reading of 3D printing circuit.

(One week)

GSM SIM card; Final testing, battery charging, On/Off, key board checking; Voice quality of MIC, speaker and open speaker.

(8 weeks)


Dr. Engr. Bilawal Rehman (Gold Medalist)

Assistant Professor

December 03, 2021@ 11:51 AM