Health Receptionist

Program at a Glance

  • Three months skill certificate
  • Total 7 modules
  • Monthly fee Rs 5000

Learn the skills required for a Health Receptionist Certificate

This certificate course is designed in such a way that it will help participants with a medical background to stand out from the mainstream employment seekers in the market. This course can benefit the professionals who want to pursue their careers in the field of

  • Private or Public sector hospitals/laboratories
  • Research laboratories
  • Teaching institutions

What You’ll Learn

This course will provide a basic knowledge of different medical terminologies, communication skills for dealing with patients/visitors, sample collection and processing in laboratory settings, basic IT skills for data processing and reporting, biosafety and biosecurity procedures, CPR technique and workplace ethics, which are a basic requirement for a healthcare receptionist job.

Successful completion of this certificate will provide you the right balance of knowledge, hard and soft skills, positive attitude are essential elements of health care receptionist particularly focusing on patient dealing .

How You’ll Benefit

Health receptionists are essential support staff who manage the reception desk and help doctors with the business side of medical practice. They work in hospitals, doctor's offices, and clinics. They interact with doctors, other professional staff, and insurance companies.

This short online certificate program is designed with a market-centric approach to produce skilled multitasking medical receptionists to fulfill the contemporary needs of the healthcare industry.

Potential Job Opportunities:

  • Healthcare receptionists
  • Receptionists cum phlebotomist at Hospitals ,Private laboratories collection points.
  • Forensic and Research laboratories
  • Laboratory assistant in teaching institutions
  • As laboratory administrator

This certificate offered by National Skills University Islamabad has 7 modules. Each module primary focus is to provide the basic understanding and professional skills to the medical staff that will help them to work as a receptionist or administrator within a current competitive medical environment

Modules Topics Duration
Module 1Introduction to basic medical terminologies 1st Month
Module 2Communication skills and Patient dealing terminologies 1st Month
Module 3Basic concept of Biosafety 2nd Month
Module 4Basic Computer skills 2nd Month
Module 5Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training 3rd Month
Module 6Clinical Sample collection and handling 3rd Month
Module 7Workplace ethics in healthcare settings 3rd Month
  • The course fee is Rs 5000 per month
  • Fee is charged on monthly basis
  • Partial fee waiver available for deserving candidates

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