Certificate Of Plumbing Technician

Program at a Glance

  • Six months skill certificate
  • Total 9 modules including introductory modules for basic English, résumé writing and interviewing skill
  • Monthly fee Rs 5000
  • Hostel available for students from far-flung areas (additional charges applied)

Learn the skills required for a Plumbing Technician

This certificate course is designed for youth interested to pursue a career in plumbing technology. The plumbing system delivers clean water in every residential and commercial building, and at the same time eliminates all wastewater. It is plumbing that allows us to easily access water and gas and to dispose of waste in construction industry. With their knowledge and expertise, plumbers can design plumbing systems that provide us access to all these facilities.

What You’ll Learn

The students will learn methods used to unclog drains and fix faucets. Procedures related to the assembly, installation, and repair of pipes, fixtures, and fittings will also be taught practically.

You will learn how to:

  • Use common hand tools & measuring instruments employed in plumbing industry
  • Explain the plumbing and sanitary installations
  • Explicate the plumbing fixtures and fittings and troubleshoot
  • Sequence the different stages of preparation, development, fabrication and maintenance
  • Describe the plan and estimation of the simple plumbing works for the single story building

How You’ll Benefit

The program features:

  • Face to face access to world-class instructors
  • Exceptional networking opportunities with instructors
  • Practical knowledge and techniques that can be used instantly in the plumbing workshop.

Plumbing is as important to our residential and commercial buildings as oxygen is to the body. Plumbing services ensure that water comes in and out of the building properly. Our everyday life is dependent on the use of water for various purposes, and it is important that clean water is available for everyone. Hence, the demand for a plumbing technician is indispensable. The skills required for becoming a plumbing technician are very limited, but there are many jobs available in Pakistani market without any pre-requisite education. Our course will help students to stand out from the main stream employment seekers in the market.

Potential Job Opportunities:

Students completing this course will have opportunity to work in Pakistan as well as across the world in the following domains:

  • Plumbing technician
  • Pipe fitter
  • Steam fitter
  • Gas Service technician

This certificate course offerThis certificate course offered by National Skills University, Islamabad has 9 modules. Each module has been prepared by the professionals working in the field. The primary focus of each module is to provide basic understanding of the associated knowledge and skills to flourish in the field of plumbing.ed by National Skills University, Islamabad has 10 modules. Each module has been designed in line with professional standards. The primary focus is to provide the basic understanding of the associated knowledge and skills to flourish in the field of mobile repairing.

The course duration is 360 Hrs. (15 hours/week) and is divided into the following modules:

Modules Topics Duration
Module-1Basic communication skills and résumé writing skills(One week)
Module-2Basic computer skills(Two weeks)
Module-3Workshop safety practices(One week)
Module-4Technical drawing(Two weeks)
Module-5Metal work(Two weeks)
Module-6Fabrication of pipes(Five weeks)
Module-7Assembly of pipes(Five weeks)
Module-8Installation of pipes(Four weeks)
Module-9Project / industrial training(Two weeks)
  • The course fee is Rs 5000 per month
  • Fee is charged on monthly basis
  • Partial fee waiver available for deserving candidates
  • Hostel fee is charged separately
  • Certificate and award ceremony fee is Rs 1000 (charged only once)

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