Certificate of Server Administration

Program at a Glance

  • Three Months Skill Certificate
  • Total 9 modules including introductory modules for basics to advance skills
  • Monthly fee Rs 5000

Learn the skills required for a System Administration

Technology teams are only as successful as their skills are relevant. Windows servers are the engines that drive networks. This course covers the editions of Windows Server, how to install them, and how to set up device drivers and Windows services. It’s the perfect starting point for new server admins.

This course will boost your knowledge and help you secure a promising job in the IT industry. This course range will give you the skillset required to be able to handle any request with confidence. By studying our server administration course, you will be taking the steps required to build your future, and configure servers. This unit covers the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to install and Prepare Windows Server Environment.

Windows servers look similar to Windows clients at first glance, but servers do different things than clients, and this course explores those distinctions. In this course, Windows Server Administration Concepts: Server Roles, you will gain the ability to install and configure the more common roles provided with the Windows Server operating system. First, you will learn about how roles are different from features, and what administrative tools we can use to install and configure server roles. Next, you will discover details about file and print servers, application servers, Web servers, and remote access servers. Finally, you will transform a Windows server into a host of many other virtual machines and discover how to fine-tune the settings for each of those “guest” operating systems. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to select, install, and understand the many “hats” that Windows Server can wear, and you will be ready for further exploration of storage, Active Directory, performance, and maintenance in later courses. This course is part of a learning path that aligns with the objectives for the Microsoft Technology.

What You’ll Learn

This course will teach you the primary roles that Windows Server can assume: how to install them and what services they offer. It specifically includes installing windows Server Operating System and configuring network. It presents an overview of the most common server roles.

  • Create and use Virtual Machines
  • Install Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Create a Windows Domain
  • Install and Configure a Domain Controller using Active Directory
  • Create and organize objects (such as users, organizational units, User groups, using Active Directory, Create and manage group Policies)
  • Audit Logons and Shared Files
  • Remote Server Access

How You’ll Benefit

The program features:

  • Practical Experience, State of the Art Computer LAB at the University Premises
  • Direct Training From Experienced Instructor.
  • Practical knowledge and techniques that can be used immediately in IT Industry

. Upon completion of this course, you will be fully empowered with knowledge and skills to work as:

  • Practical Experience, State of the Art Computer LAB at the University Premises
  • Direct Training From Experienced Instructor.
  • Practical knowledge and techniques that can be used immediately in IT Industry

The certificate offered by National Skills University has 09 modules. Each module has been prepared by the IT professionals. The primary focus is to provide the basic understanding of the associated knowledge and skills to flourish in the field of IT domain.

The course duration is 45 HRS (5 hours/week) and is divided into the following Modules:




Module 1

Introduction to the Course

  • Basic Setting   
  • Program Files Needed
  • Installing Window Server
  • Installing Window 10
  • Initial Server Setup


2 Weeks


Module 2

Active Directory 

  • What is Workgroup and Domain?
  • Active Directory Installation 
  • Understanding Domain Structure
  •   Forest Creation
  • Organizational Unit Creation
  • Creating a new Domain User
  • Adding Computer to Domain
  • Removing Local User
  • Password Without Complexity to User & User Group
  • Active Directory Recycle Bin
  • Creating User via Power Shell & CSV File (Large Number Users)
  • Restricting Log on Specific times and days & Computer
  • Mapped Shared & Personal Folders
  • Adding a new server to domain
  • Adding Domain Controller & 2nd   Domain Controller if one down









2 Weeks


Module 3

 Group Policy

  • Introduction to GPO
  • Folder Mapping Using GPO
  • Allow / Disallow Control Panel Access
  • Disable GPO For Administrator or User Group
  • Custom Wallpaper Creation
  • Account Lock and Security Policy
  • Creating Local Folder and copying files
  • Mapping Printer Via GPO
  • Disable Local Log on
  • Group Policy Implementation 
  • Installing Libra Office 
  • Installing Office 365
  • App Locker
  • Disable Task Manager Access
  • Group Policy Object
  •  Backing up & Restoration of Group Policy




2 Weeks








Module 4

Admin Center/ RSAT/Remote Access/ Audit 

  • Install Windows Admin Center
  • RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tool)
  • Remote Access


2 Weeks


Module 5

 Window Server Update Services

  • Date and time setup for updates
  • Installing New Virtual Disk
  • Server Update Installation Services
  • Window Server Updates Configuration
  • Creating GPO Intranet



2 Weeks



Module 6

  File Server 

  • • Creating a disk Space using Quotas
  • • File Screening
  • • Storage & Schedule Report
  • • DFS Name Space & Replication
  • • Testing Replication
  • • Creating Backup of Files and folders
  • • Server Back Up 
  • • Server Restoration




2 Weeks


Module 7

 Web Server IIS Installation

  • Web Server IIS Installation
  • Configuring Site Files
  • DNS Pointer Record
  • New DNS Primary Zone

       •         Reverse & Forwarders DNS



2 Weeks


Module 8

Mail Server    

  • .Net Framework Installation
  • Introduction & Installation
  • Hmail (Open Source) Installation
  • Creating Email Accounts
  • Firewall Settings
  • Testing Email Server




2 Weeks


Module 9


  • Creating a Scope

2 Weeks


  • The course fee is Rs 5000 per month
  • Fee is charged on monthly basis
  • Partial fee waiver available for deserving candidates

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