A certificate that will provide you necessary skills for occupatioal hazards identification, risks assessment and minimizing workplace harms.



3 Months, 300 hours
25 hours / 5 per day


Total Fee: PKR 15,000

Per Month: PKR 5000

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About Safety Officer Certificate

The Pakistan Occupational Health and Safety Act (draft) mandates “to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the people at work; by authorizing enforcement of the rules and regulations developed under the Act; by assisting and encouraging the organizations, institutions and geographic areas governed by the federal government in their efforts to ensure healthy and safe working conditions; by providing for research, information, education, and training in the field of occupational health and safety.”

Participation in this certificate will enable you to work on different occupational health and safety projects aligning with the national priorities. You will have an opportunity to learn different skills under the supervision of competent trainers and industry professionals. Participants will undertake professional training in workplaces ranging from government agencies to industrial settings. Each module in this certificate has been prepared by experts from academia and industry.

Who should attend Safety Officer Certificate?

People interested in pursuing their career in the health and safety of industries and organizations. You will have an opportunity to get knowledge, information, skills, and training in occupational safety and health. This course is equally useful for students, supervisors, officers, managers, laborers, contractors, etc. This rigorous theory and practical certificate will provide you necessary skills like hazards identification, risk assessment, safe use of tools and equipment, working ergonomically, proper use of personal protective equipments, control of near misses, incidents, and accidents, use of fire-fighting equipment’s, accident investigation, and report writing.

What is Safety Officer training?

Training means helping people to learn how to do something, telling people what they should or should not do, or simply giving them information. Training isn’t just about formal ‘classroom’ courses. Providing “Working Safely” training means helping people to learn workplace health and safety information, knowledge and skills to:

  • ensure that people know how to work safely and without risks to health;
  • develop a positive health and safety culture, where Safe and healthy working becomes second nature to everyone
  • meet your legal duty to protect the health and safety at workplace.


  • Identification of hazards at workplace
  • Common safety practices & standards at workplaces
  • Safer use of common tools and equipment
  • Ergonomic safety
  • Personal protective equipment usage
  • Safeguards for incidents and accidents
  • Usage of fire-fighting equipment
  • Accident investigation and reporting at workplaces
  • Technical report writing
  • Hazards communication
  • Risk assessment and their appropriate control techniques

Tasks You Can Perform (Competencies) On the Completion of Certificate

  • Identify and assess risk and possible hazards at the workplace
  • Understanding and implementing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Creating analytical reports of safety data
  • Inspecting equipment and processes safety
  • Training staff with safety principles
  • Assessing equipment and products safety
  • Devising and implementing safety plans
  • Leadership in safe practices at workplaces
  • Meeting organizations health and safety goals
  • Accidents investigation at workplaces
  • Liaisoning with law enforcement agencies
  • Designing best practices for accidents prevention
  • Safety compliance review in an organization

Total Course Duration (3 Months)

Weekly Class Hours

25 hours/5 per day

Total Contact Hours

300 hours


30% Theory, 70% Practical


  • Biosafety Officer
  • Health Safety & Environment Officer
  • Fire Marshall
  • Hygiene Officer
  • Safety Supervisor/Manager
  • Safety & Health Inspector

Skills Oriented Learning Modules

The certificate offered by the National Skills University has eleven modules. Each module has been prepared by professionals working in the field. Each module’s primary focus is to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities of safety management practices.

(Two weeks)

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Dr. Ijaz Ahmad,

Assistant Professor

January 25, 2022@ 06:45 AM