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Admissions opening in
February 2021


6 Months, 520 hours
20 hours / 4 per day


Total Fee: PKR 36,000

Monthly Fee: PKR 6000

About Automotive Technician (High Tech)

The high tech course in automotive technician covers all aspects of the auto industry. It makes you a skilled technician with in-depth knowledge and requisite skills working with modern automobile systems.


This course aims to produce professional service technicians for the auto industry and workshops. The course comprises four modules per international standards of auto service technicians level 1 to 4.

Job Opportunities on Completion of Automotive Technician Certificate

After completion of this course, you will be able to work as

  • Service and support technician in Automotive Workshops
  • Technician in Automotive manufacturing industry for assembly and identifying mechanical faults, if any.
  • Technician in Auto garage
  • Entrepreneur to set up own auto workshop.

Course Delivery

Delivery of all courses at the National Skills University involves instructor-led three modes.

  1. On-campus learning
  2. Practical experience in relevant industry
  3. Online learning (only if needed in emergent situations like COVID-19 etc.)

We have all the standard operating procedures in place for the safety of students, teachers, and employees.

Providing state of the art skills is our priority. Practical training is provided in our laboratories as well as relevant industry collaborations.

Total Course Duration (6 Months)

Weekly Class Hours

20 hours/4 per day

Total Contact Hours

520 hours


30% Theory, 70% Practical

Program Entry Requirements

F.Sc. /D.A.E. with experience or prior training on automotive brakes, steering, suspension, and electrical/electronic systems.

Skills You Will Learn from Automotive Technician Certificate Course

Knowledge Proficiency Details

  • Knowledge about the various braking systems and their periodic maintenance

  • Working of the Automotive steering mechanism and its components

  • Ample understanding of the mechanism of suspension systems and their component installation and replacement

  • Knowledge about automotive heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, including inspection and repair.

  • Mechanism of ignition systems, fuel system, carburetor, and their problems

  • Working of the vehicle electric and electronic systems including the starter and the generator with the fuse protection and relay control,

  • Working of various internal combustion and electric engines.

Skills Proficiency Details

  • Perform practical tasks with a better understanding of component operations.

  • Identify braking systems and replace brake pads/discs.

  • Inspect steering and suspension systems and identify problems.

  • Perform inspection of advanced electrical systems, hydraulic systems, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and exhaust systems.

  • Identify problems and rectify faulty components in electronic systems and their replacement.

  • Able to perform practical tasks with a better understanding of electrical components and systems.

  • Identify electronic ignition systems and engine management systems.

  • Perform practical tasks with a better understanding of the component operation.

  • Be able to work on various engines, including petrol, diesel, hybrid, and torque motor based electric cars.

Tasks You Can Perform (Competencies) On the Completion of Certificate

  • Inspect brake system and replace brake pads/discs

  • Perform maintenance operations, including lubrication, and identify any part replacement.

  • Rectify problems in auto electrical and AC systems

  • Replace faulty parts in electronic and ventilation systems.

  • Replace faulty parts in electronic ignition and engine management systems.

  • Perform periodic auto inspection and service of various systems

  • Repair and overhaul engine petrol and diesel engine systems.

Skills Oriented Learning Modules

The certificate offered by the National Skills University has 4 modules. Each module has been prepared by professionals working in the field. Each module's primary focus is to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities of Automotive Technician.