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Admissions opening in
February 2021


6 Months, 520 hours
20 hours / 4 per day


Total Fee: PKR 36,000

Monthly Fee: PKR 6000

About HVAC & Refrigeration

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning is abbreviated as HVAC & R. The demand of HVAC Technicians is increasing day by day because the cooling systems are being utilized in multiple purposes such as processing food & preserving it for longer periods thus avoiding deterioration. With the reversible cycle ACs in automobiles and industries and inverter type digitally controlled refrigeration systems there is a need for updated skills in this field. The contents of this course have been designed according to the domestic and commercial demand.

On completion of this course the trainee will be able to

  1. use common hand tools & measuring instruments used in HVAC industry
  2. install domestic refrigerators and window air conditioners
  3. find faults & its rectification observing safety rules

Emphasis will be given on character building of students during their training by delivering motivational lectures on devotion, discipline, and work ethics. So, trainee may deal customers as a good citizen.

This course will enhance employability chances nationally and internationally as well as entrepreneurship opportunities.

Job Opportunities on Completion of HVAC & Refrigeration Certificate

Course Delivery

Delivery of all courses at the National Skills University involves instructor-led three modes.

  1. On-campus learning
  2. Practical experience in relevant industry
  3. Online learning (only if needed in emergent situations like COVID-19 etc.)

We have all the standard operating procedures in place for the safety of students, teachers, and employees.

Providing state of the art skills is our priority. Practical training is provided in our laboratories as well as relevant industry collaborations.

Total Course Duration (6 Months)

Weekly Class Hours

20 hours/4 per day

Total Contact Hours

520 hours


30% Theory, 70% Practical

Program Entry Requirements

Applicants for the HVAC Certificate Program are required to have completed intermediate or DAE.

Skills You Will Learn from HVAC & Refrigeration Certificate

  • Safety Precautions during work.

  • Basic thermodynamic principles and laws

  • Testing & measuring instruments used in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

  • Repairing techniques for domestic refrigerators, deep freezers, electric water coolers and air-conditioners

  • Reading the Circuit diagram given in the technical manuals

  • Assembling and dissembling methods regarding the domestic refrigerator, deep freezers, electric water cooler and air-conditioners.

  • Air-conditioning ducts.

  • Fault finding techniques

  • Installation of Refrigerator, desert cooler and Air Conditioners

Tasks You Can Perform (Competencies) On the Completion of Certificate

  • Effective use of testing & measuring instruments used in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

  • Repair domestic refrigerator, deep freezers, electric water cooler and air-conditioner by applying circuit diagram given in the technical manual.

  • Assemble and dissemble the domestic refrigerator, deep freezers, electric water cooler and air-conditioners,

  • Air-conditioning duct fabrication

  • Identifying the fault and its repair in refrigeration equipment.

  • Disassemble, check and re-assemble different components used in the system.

  • Install the Refrigerator and Air Conditioner properly

Skills Oriented Learning Modules

The certificate offered by the National Skills University has 11 modules. Each module has been prepared by professionals working in the field. Each module's primary focus is to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities of video storytelling and professional editing.