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Admissions opening in
February 2021


6 Months, 520 hours
20 hours / 4 per day


Total Fee: PKR 36,000

Monthly Fee: PKR 6000

About Documentary and Filmmaking Program

Producing high-quality and impressive video content is in higher demand than ever. Participation in this program will prepare you to work on video projects and enhance the professionalism that makes you more competitive. You will have an opportunity to develop skills for producing videos, that could be a

  1. A news story,
  2. A short documentary or
  3. Branding a corporate

Each module in this certificate has been prepared by industry professionals having state of the art knowledge. Upon completing this certificate, you will develop skills employers in the documentary and filmmaking sector are seeking. This will enhance your employability chances nationally and internationally as well as entrepreneurship opportunities.

Successful completion of this certificate will provide you the right balance of knowledge, skills, attitude, and work experiences, an essential element of employability or your own business.

Job Opportunities on Completion of Documentary & Filmmaking Certificate

Course Delivery

Delivery of all courses at the National Skills University involves instructor-led three modes.

  1. On-campus learning
  2. Practical experience in relevant industry
  3. Online learning (only if needed in emergent situations like COVID-19 etc.)

We have all the standard operating procedures in place for the safety of students, teachers, and employees.

Providing state of the art skills is our priority. Practical training is provided in our laboratories as well as relevant industry collaborations.

Total Course Duration (6 Months)

Weekly Class Hours

20 hours/4 per day

Total Contact Hours

520 hours


30% Theory, 70% Practical

Program Entry Requirements

Applicants for the Documentary and Filmmaking Certificate Program are required to have completed intermediate at least in the second division.

Skills You Will Learn from Documentary and Filmmaking Certificate

  • Operation of digital camera

  • Selecting and working with the best audio, video, and lighting kits

  • Digital project storyboard creation and further planning aspects

  • Production of digital video utilizing different production systems including non-linear video

  • Proficiency in industry-standard software required for digital editing

  • Image and visual effects required for marketing and industry

  • Meeting expectations of client’s requirements

  • Professional and ethical behavior as a video producer

Tasks You Can Perform (Competencies) On the Completion of Certificate

  • Managing a videography project

  • Effective digital storyboard

  • Operate camera gadgets and camera mount

  • Establishing an elemental setup for videography project (light, equipment & accessories)

  • Videography Composition

  • Shooting a professional video

  • Video post-production (Editing through Adobe and Industry software)

  • Contemporary advanced techniques in videography

  • Operating JIB and Quad Copter

Skills Oriented Learning Modules

The certificate offered by the National Skills University has 10 modules. Each module has been prepared by professionals working in the field. Each module's primary focus is to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities of video storytelling and professional editing.