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Department of Medical Laboratory Technology

First Intake - September 2021

About the Department of Medical Laboratory Technology

The Department of Medical Laboratory Technology offers a four-year bachelor’s degree program in Medical Laboratory Technology with scientific knowledge and skills in the basic to advance medical laboratory techniques. The program has been structured to provide students with competency-based education and skills required for conducting a variety of test on patient samples essential to the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The program consists of general education courses such as English, Communication Skills etc and professional courses such as Fundamental of Clinical Diagnosis, Hematology & Blood Banking, Chemical Pathology, Microbiology & Parasitology, Histopathology etc. The Department of Medical Laboratory Technology emphasizes the technological aspects of hands-on experience to impart learners with the theoretical knowledge and basic practical skills of Medical Laboratory Technology. The Department has fully equipped Skills Labs where students apply theoretical knowledge and learn skills to perform lab procedures before going into the actual clinical environment. The Medical Laboratory Technology program at National Skills University prepares students for workplace in the public health sector, national medical surveillance programs, research & development and higher education programs. The program aims to produce highly skilled professionals in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology, equipped with knowledge and critical thinking skills to better serve the healthcare system.

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