Prof. Dr. Zubeda Chaudhry,

Ph.D. in Agronomy/Phytopathology from the Tohoku University Sendai, Japan

Professor at Preston University, Pakistan


Dr. Zubeda Chaudhry is a professor at Preston University in Pakistan. She completed her Ph.D. in Agronomy/Phytopathology from the Tohoku University Sendai Japan and Post-Doctorate (2012-2013) in Molecular Biology from the Leicester University, UK. Prof. Zubeda Chaudhry is a member of the National Biotechnology Committee on curriculum revision by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Member of Institute Biotechnology Committee of NARC, Islamabad, and also a Member of the Pakistan Botanical Society. For years, she has co-supervised many postgraduate theses in tissue culture studies of various crops and gene transformation against Bacterial wilt disease in Tomato/ rice and fungal disease resistance gene transformation in tomato.

She is an HEC approved supervisor for graduate Degree. She co-organized two-national/international symposium on Plant Biotechnology. She served as the Principal Investigator in Disease resistant Tomato production through Agrobacterium-mediated gene (Xa21-Gene) transformation and also Co-principal Investigator of projects on Pre-basic Potato seed production in Northern areas of Pakistan through tissue culture (1989-1993 & amp; 1998-2007) funded by Agricultural Research Funds of PARC/PSF, Islamabad, Pakistan. Prof. Zubeda Chaudhry is an avid researcher. Several techniques molecular/microbiological techniques employed in her laboratory next-generation sequencing, plant tissue culture, protein analyses. She has a good command in evaluating peroxisomes functions, chromosomes isolation, and their characterization.