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Vice Chancellor - Introduction

Professor Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar has over 25 years teaching experience in biomedical sciences. Besides teaching, he has a very strong portfolio of academic administration by serving as Director, Principal Investigator, and Vice Chancellor/President of the higher education institutes in North America and Asia.

Diversified assignments in several parts of the world including Brazil, Portugal, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America provided him with an opportunity to interact and lead people from different backgrounds.

Dr. Mukhtar teaching was recognized with the outstanding clinical faculty award 2005 from the Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia, USA and academic management with Asian Education Leadership Award 2012. Committed to his field, he is serving at multiple honorary assignments. Among several, a few worth mentioning are: invited professional membership (2016 – 2017) of the New York Academy of Sciences, USA; global outreach member for the American Society for Microbiology; Member of the International Advisory Committee and General Scientific Committee of the 3rd Middle East Molecular Biology Congress & Exhibition, Doha, Qatar (November 2016).