Machinist Technician Course

Program at a Glance

  • Three months skill certificate
  • Total 07 modules about types of machines including drill machine operations, grinding machines, CNC lathe, and Milling machine
  • Course fee Rs 15300/- (lump sum)

Learn the skills required for a Machinist Technician

Completion of this course will provide you necessary skills for interpreting the technical drawings and can operate lathe, milling and drilling machines. Also, can have expertise in the Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathe and milling.

What You’ll Learn

This certificate is all about machine shop safety, measuring tools, lathes, drilling machines, saws, milling machines, bench grinders, and layout instruments. Emphasis is placed on setup and operation of machine tools including the selection and use of work holding devices, speeds, feeds, cutting tools, and coolants. The course also introduces the concepts and capabilities of computer numerical control machine tools. Topics include setup, operation, and basic applications. Few primary responsibilities of machinist are

  • Use both semi-precision and precision measuring instruments / tools for quality control;
  • Execute jobs on lathe, Milling, and Shaper Machine independently for performing basic operations;
  • Execute jobs on drilling machine;
  • Perform operations for basic fitting jobs; and
  • Perform daily and scheduled service/Maintenance for machine tools.

How You’ll Benefit

The program features:

  • Practical experience in state-of-the-art Basic Machine shop workshop and Manufacturing process workshop at the university premises
  • Direct training from internationally acclaimed and experienced instructors
  • Practical knowledge and techniques that can be used immediately in the Basic Machine shop and manufacturing process workshop.
  • Self-Employment
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Chemical Plants.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cement Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Automobile Industry
  • Sugar Plants
  • Power Plants

After the completion of the course, the trainees will be able to:

  • Explain the bench work relating to safety precautions, hand tools, perception of filing,
  • Polishing, tapping, threading, and reaming.
  • Ensure personal and machine safety practices at work.
  • Explain and use of Basic Bench work and Machine Operations and using appropriate techniques of Health & Safety Procedures at Workplace.
  • Explain Sawing filling threading reaming techniques and methods.
  • Explain and demonstrate the use of drill machine operations.
  • Explain and demonstrate the use grinding machines for different operations
  • Define the use of lathe machine.
  • Explain and demonstrate the use of milling machines.
  • Explain and demonstrate the use of surface and cylindrical grinding machine
  • Explain and demonstrate the setting of CNC lathe and Milling machine
  • Explain and demonstrate the use of shaper machines.
  • Define and apply the personal tool and Machine safely hazards properly
  • Define and practice housekeeping and preventive maintenance of machines and tools

The course duration is 360 Hrs (15 hours/week) and is divided into the following modules:

Modules Topics Duration
Module-1Course introduction & workshop safety1 week
Module-2Bench work2 week
Module-3Lathe operations3 weeks
Module-4Milling Operations2 weeks
Module-5Shaper operations1 weeks
Module-6Drilling Operations1 weeks
Module-7Basic CNC Machining operations2 weeks
  • The course fee is Rs 15300/- (lump sum)

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