nsu main auditorium exterior Main Auditorium
nsu main auditorium interior Podium & Conference Hall
nsu main auditorium exterior-2 Parking Spaces
nsu main auditorium lobby room 1 Lobby for Exhibitions
Follow the Location
nsu main auditorium syndicate room Syndicate Rooms
nsu main auditorium main room 1 Executive Room # 1
nsu main auditorium main room-2 Executive Room # 2
nsu main auditorium main room-3 Executive Room # 3
Total Capacity : 376 seats
nsu-auditorium-hall-seating-first-floor-layout Executive Floor
nsu-auditorium-hall-seating-second-floor-layout Audience Floor


Size and Capacity
Hall Capacity : 376 seats
Syndicate Rooms Capacity: 50 seats
Executive Rooms : 3 rooms for VIP seating
Syndicate Rooms : For Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, etc
Parking Area
2 Huge parking spaces inside the premises
For VIP's / For Ladies & Gents
Other Facilities
Sound System for main hall
Multimedia and Projector
Support Staff / Security / Sanitary Service

Guidelines & Booking Information

Booking Procedures
  • Contact at 051-9250906 / 0333-5469677 or email imran.khan@nsu.edu.pk .
  • Provide information about your schedule/dates, technical needs and other information.
  • You can also visit the booking office to request use of the Auditorium, fill out the reservation form, provide desired dates for rehearsals and/or events - including information on deliveries, audiovisual and technical needs, etc.
  • Once your reservation request is approved, we will contact you to provide availability and discuss the details. To confirm your event, we require a signed auditorium rental agreement and a non-refundable fee deposit. Five (5) days prior to your event date, we require submission of proof of insurance and payment in full.

April 24, 2024@ 07:53 AM