Fee Structure

Admission Fee

Fee Certificates Degree Program
Application Processing Fee Nil --
Admission Fee 2,000/- --
Security (Refundable) Nil --

Tuition Fee

Fee Certificates Degree Program
Tuition Fee /per month 5,000/-,
for AutoCAD courses 8,000/-
Lab Fee Nil --
Miscellaneous Nil --

Fee Policy

Admission Fee

Admission Fee is payable once at the time of admission.

Security Deposit

Security fee (refundable) is payable along with admission fee.

Tuition Fee

Complete Tuition Fee including other is also payable at start of program. Tuition fee can be revised. Tuition fee per month is as follows:

Program Fee
Certificate (per month) Rs. 5000/-,
for AutoCAD courses Rs. 8000/-
Degree Program Rs. ----

Extra-curricular Activities

Subject to the cost of activities being performed by students.

Miscellaneous Fees

Transcript Fee Rs. --
Transfer Fee Rs. --
Degree Correction Fee Rs. --
Semester Freeze Fee Rs. --
These fees are non-refundable.

Fee Refund Policy

1. Admission Fee is non-refundable.
2. Security deposit is refundable at the time of completion of degree or closing of admission.
3. Tuition Fee is refunded in accordance with the guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC).

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