Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


To be a premier institution for skill-based technical education with focus on excellence and economic empowerment of the youth.


NSU aspires to achieve excellence in technical skills based education by:

  • Offering innovative and demand based skilling and re-skilling programs, certificates, diploma and degree programs;
  • Building partnerships with industry and businesses to ensure their engagement and participation in the emergence of NSU as cutting-edge skills university;
  • Focusing its programs to the demands of Pakistan economy and industry and producing talent with employable technical skills;
  • Leveraging relationships with all its stakeholders (government, students, faculty, community, industry, donors and others)
  • Facilitating accessibility of NSU to all the youth of the country through its own campuses and affiliates;
  • Deploying public funds prudently to ensure access to technical education for the most needy youth and generating additional resources for the betterment of the university.
  • Creating an enabling environment which facilitates the growth and expansion of the university.


  • Excellence : Indicates focus on high quality, superiority, distinction and aim for perfection.
  • Merit : The qualities or actions that constitute the basis of one’s eligibility based on fair and transparent process/practices.
  • Integrity : Firm adherence to honesty and a code of high moral and ethical standard and behavior.
  • Diversity : Open to inclusion of different types of people without discrimination of gender, race, culture while encouraging co-existence and difference of opinions and beliefs.
  • Creativity and innovation : Encouragement of new ideas and methods, devices and novelty, being inventive.
  • Professionalism : Conduct depicting mark of profession, efficiency, honor, commitment and self discipline.
  • Good citizenship : Abiding by rules and regulations of the state, institution and fulfilling ones commitment to civic responsibilities to take care of your surroundings and fellow beings.

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