Vice Chancellor's Message

Vice Chancellor Message

As a Founding Vice Chancellor, it's my unique honor to introduce you to the National Skills University Islamabad, Pakistan. This university is a unique effort by the government to popularize skills education in the country that will enhance the employability of existing and upcoming graduates. As it has been recognized globally that relatively squeezing opportunities for youth are due to overlooking skills education that can produce a workforce ready for the challenging demands of employers.

The concept of skills education creates a unique nexus among all stakeholders, including government, industrialists, employers, parents, graduates, and society at large. The NSU will be mainly driven by its consumers, the industrial sector, and employers across the country and globally. To keep pace with the fast-moving technological world, the university will continually evaluate, improve, and align the quality of technical, vocational, and other skills-based education with contemporary demands and most importantly standards.

The National Skills University Islamabad, will be the first one on this globe to foster the traditional linkage of older skills with the modern one, so the history of skills never gets vanished instead, it is revamped. As such, the university vision is to have a dual focus on the skills education:

  • The revival of old traditional skills through skills village initiative.
  • Training youth in both the traditional and modern skills ready to take their role at the workplace.

The National Skills University will also engage itself with employers for making workplaces safer, comfortable, and provide appropriate opportunities to advance in career. Towards, this initiative the Reskilling/Upskilling Initiative of the University, in collaboration with industry/employers, will equip working professionals with state-of-the-art emerging skills through the latest information communication technologies. Importantly, in the current era, viral pandemic, the COVID-19 caused by an infectious particle the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) suggests that advancement in science and technology made us more vulnerable to deadly infections. This reminds us of changing our skill sets as well as safer facilities to survive during tough times for continuation of unhampered production of goods as well as delivery of essential services. Towards this end, our initiative Biosafety Skills @ Workplace in collaboration with public and private stakeholders including international partners will continually train people to stay safe from infectious and workplace-related hazards.

To foster collaborative skills relevant training/education, the university is looking forward to establishing a partnership with industry, public, and private organizations willing to invest or collaborate in skills education. The University aspirations of curbing unemployment that might surge post-COVID-19 era could be achieved with participation from all stakeholders. We are always available to answer your queries regarding our upcoming programs and initiatives.

Let's work together to make the first public sector National Skills University in a country having healthy and enthusiastic youth a great success story.

April 24, 2024@ 07:08 AM