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The Automotive workshop at the NSU Islamabad offers several vehicle repair and maintenance service. The following are some of the major areas in which we offer our services;

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Suspension &
Steering System

Suspension & Steering System

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We offer service and replacement of vehicular suspension systems and auxiliaries. The following work is provided at affordable rates

  • Shock absorber / coil spring replacement
  • Steering assembly replacement
  • Control arms / ball joints replacement
  • Dust boot cover replacement
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Brake Service
and Replacement

Brake Service and Replacement

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As the braking system in vehicles play a major role in safety of the occupants. We try our best to satisfy your needs with the following services

  • All wheels brake service
  • Brake callipers inspection and service
  • Brake Air-bleeding
  • Brake master cylinder replacement/service
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Engine repair
and Maintenance

Engine repair and Maintenance

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The Engine works as a heart in the vehicle. It is recommended that regular preventive maintenance is done. Our lab provides services in the following areas

  • Compression test for engine health
  • Engine tuning for fuel economy
  • Engine overhauling
  • Engine lubrication system service
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Vehicle Inspection

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It is very necessary to inspect a vehicle before buying one in terms of documentation but the major roles lies in the condition of it’s chassis and powertrain. We offer the following services in this area

  • Vehicle body inspection
  • Vehicle chassis and suspension inspection
  • Vehicle Sensors and on-board diagnostics

Our services are not limited to the following brands

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