NSU has established a library with huge collection of books from different disciplines. Engineering technology and other discipline books are our assets. NSU library is divided into different sections like science section, technical section, reference section, newspaper section, Islamic section and history section, etc.

Library also maintain research and publications from national and international sources. The record-keeping books of library includes daily scanning cuts of latest technology news from newspapers, Journals, etc. This record-keeping includes books as well electronic resources. NSU will also acquire HEC digital library where sizable number of research publication will be available to students in every filed of study.

NSU is keen to collect books (either in digital format) and provide top-notch IT facilities in the library which transform it into an E-Library.

NSU library contain reading area with centrally air-conditioning facility. The library facility is open for university students, faculty, and staff members. Library membership is free, and books can be issued for 15 days.

Skill-oriented technology books
Reading Area
History Section
Media Section
Science Section

January 29, 2023@ 06:27 PM