Certificate of Automotive Technician

Program at a Glance

  • Three months skill certificate
  • Total 13 modules hands-on training for the service of vehicle components and sub-systems
  • Monthly fee Rs 5000

Learn the skills required for an automotive technician

Our certificate course gives the knowledge and hands-on training for the service of vehicle components and sub-systems. The trainees will be well-equipped with the skills required for service and maintenance of automotive systems. They will learn the communication skills to explain issues to customers, suggest parts, replacements and how to benefit by maintaining a good work environment. This course is useful to anyone serious about a career in the automotive service industry.

What You’ll Learn

This course will provide you an opportunity to build a strong theoretical basis of the vehicle systems and their working. Unlike conventional technicians, this course provides a solid basis in both theoretical framework and practical hands-on experience through its teaching methodology. You will learn how to:

  • Maintain a safe environment at the workplace
  • Understand the operations of the engines, its sub-systems, and the repair and maintenance of automotive components.
  • Explain the vehicle electrical systems and implement the proper circuit diagram in a vehicle.
  • Understand the working of suspension system and service to improve vehicle ride, comfort, and stability.

How You’ll Benefit

The program features:

  • Practical experience in state-of-the-art automotive workshop at the university premises
  • Direct training from internationally acclaimed and experienced instructors
  • Practical knowledge and techniques that can be used immediately in the automotive workshop
  • Empowering communication skills and customer interaction through university commercial automotive service program
  • The automotive industry in Pakistan accounts for 3% of Pakistan's GDP, and Pakistan is the 35th largest assembler of automobiles.
  • Pakistan’s automotive industry is fastest growing in Asia as new vehicle manufacturers are interested in entering the market.
  • Due to modern technology the automotive service domain should meet the requirements of customers. Therefore, it’s necessary to create a pool of auto-technicians that have both theoretical and practical knowledge to fill the gap between the consumer demand and market requirements.

Potential Job Opportunities:

Students completing this course will have opportunities to work inside the country as well as at fastest growing automobile workshops in the Middle East. Upon completion of this course, you will be fully empowered with knowledge and skills to work in:

  • Automotive repair workshop
  • OEM vehicle service centres
  • Automotive Spare-part dealer

The certificate offered by National Skills University has 13 modules. Each module has been prepared by the professionals. The primary focus is to provide the basic understanding of the associated knowledge and skills to flourish in the field of automotive service domain.

The course duration is 360 Hrs (15 hours/week) and is divided into the following modules:

Modules Topics Duration
Module-1Compliance to personal health and workplace safety and tool usageTwo weeks
Module-2Basic communication skills and résumé writing skillsOne week
Module-3Basic computer skillsTwo weeks
Module-4Introduction to internal combustion engines and maintaining engine assemblyThree weeks
Module-5Fuel systems and its maintenanceTwo weeks
Module-6Engine cooling system and its serviceOne week
Module-7Maintenance of brake and suspension systemsTwo weeks
Module-8Maintenance of vehicle steering systemsTwo weeks
Module-9Maintenance of vehicle transmission systemTwo weeks
Module-10Service Electrical SystemTwo weeks
Module-11Perform on-board diagnostic scanner operationsOne week
Module-12Hybrid and electric vehiclesTwo weeks
Module-13Industrial training/ projectTwo weeks
  • The course fee is Rs 5000 per month
  • Fee is charged on monthly basis

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