Certificate of Land Surveyor

Program at a Glance

  • Six months skill certificate
  • Total 10 modules including introductory modules for basic English, résumé writing and interviewing skills
  • Monthly fee Rs 5000
  • Hostel available for students from far-flung areas (additional charges applied)

Learn the skills required for a Certificate of Land Surveyor

Land surveyors play an essential role whenever an individual or company purchases a property to develop it. Land surveyors are responsible for mapping and measuring a property’s land to establish property boundaries. They also provide information about the property’s topography and existing buildings or improvements. Land Surveyors can give their clients precise measurements and data about a property, and they’re regularly employed for construction, engineering, and mapmaking projects.

Thus, this certificate course in land surveying is being offered considering the current and future pace with which the construction projects are being initiated. This skill-based course gives modern knowledge and hands-on skills on the latest land surveying instruments and techniques. The trainees will be provided with essential technical skills to carry out necessary land surveying operations. Apart from the major emphasis which lies on learning technical skills used for land surveying in construction industry, the focus will also be on communication and soft skills to make sure that trainees are able to explain their ideas and work effectively while working on site. The potential candidates for this course are the ones who are already pursuing their careers in the construction industry or are planning to start one.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn about surveying and its types as well as its application at different stages of construction project. You will also learn to operate different surveying instruments such as theodolite, total station and auto-level. This course gives you an opportunity to build a strong foundation in the domain of land surveying and prepares you to work on multiple construction projects by designing maps and contours. Though the course also focuses on theoretical concepts, but unlike conventional courses most of the time you will find yourself working practically and acquiring skills necessary for the field and employment.

You will learn how to :

  • Maintain a safe environment at the workplace in construction industry.
  • Provide accurate data for a proposal which is an essential requirement at the beginning of construction project to make sure the project will be safe with no environmental effects
  • Conduct inspections for high-risk areas and projects
  • Help resolve legal disputes between public and private properties
  • Demarcate the boundaries of the houses and buildings; set out and locate the exact position of the construction components e.g. demarcation, excavation, setting out, shuttering points, etc.
  • Understand the operations of different surveying instruments like auto-level, total station and theodolite.
  • Understand the basic principles of creating maps, and the use of different advanced software such as ArcGIS for designing maps

How You’ll Benefit?

The program features:

  • Practical experience with state-of-the-art surveying instruments within the university premises
  • Direct training from internationally acclaimed and experienced instructors
  • Practical knowledge and techniques that can be used to carry out necessary surveying operations while working on various construction projects
  • Dedicated communication skills module to help you present your ideas effectively
  • The construction industry in Pakistan accounts for 2% gross domestic product (GDP), and out of total employed force in the country 7.61% work in the construction sector.
  • Initiatives like China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) have given a boost to the construction sector through the influx of infrastructural projects including highways, power plants, and dams which eventually mean more and continuous demand for people with construction industry background.
  • Due to the growing population rate of 2.4% annually, there is a massive requirement to build houses as well; thus, this demand for building houses positively impacts job opportunities for people working in construction industry.

Potential Job Opportunities:

Students completing this course will have opportunities to work inside the country and in the fastest-growing construction industry in the Middle East. Upon completion of this course, the potential job opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Land surveyor
  • Construction surveyor
  • Road surveyor
  • Topography surveyor

The Department of Civil Engineering Technology at National Skills University Islamabad has introduced this certificate course with ten modules. Each module has been prepared by professionals working in the survey field. These modules are designed keeping in view the employer's requirement in order to cater the job deficit. The primary focus is to provide students with the necessary hands-on skills and abilities of surveying techniques.

The course duration is 360 Hrs (15 hours/week) and is divided into the following modules:

Modules Topics Duration
Module-1Introduction to land surveying and its applications One week
Module-2Basic communication skills and résumé writing skillsOne week
Module-3Basic computer skillsTwo weeks
Module-4Trilateration, field procedures and applicationsOne week
Module-5Control & construction levelling One week
Module-6Study of Total Station and its uses (Triangulation & Control Network) Two weeks
Module-7GPS and GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems One week
Module-8Site Surveying Instrument (Tachometry and mapping) Two weeks
Module-9Remote Sensing and its applications (applications imaginary, fixing the drawings, and scaling of the satellite imaginary) Two weeks
Module-10GIS & applications of GIS in surveying (digitizing and topographic mapping using GIS software) Two weeks
  • The course fee is Rs 5000 per month
  • Fee is charged on monthly basis
  • Partial fee waiver available for deserving candidates
  • Hostel fee is charged separately
  • Certificate and award ceremony fee is Rs 1000 (charged only once)

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