Phlebotomy Certificate

Program at a Glance

  • Three months skill certificate
  • Total 6 modules including practical demonstrations
  • Monthly fee Rs 5000

Learn the skills required for a Phlebotomist

Upon Completion of this course students should be able to gain expertise in collection and processing of blood and other samples, Lab Specimens acceptance and rejection criteria, followed communication skills with patients, laboratory personnel and other health care professionals, by understanding role of phlebotomist in health care setup.

What You’ll Learn

It will provide a solid basis in both theoretical framework and practical hands-on experience through its teaching methodology. This certificate course aims to fulfill the increasing demand of phlebotomists in Health care system, Private Labs etc.

How You’ll Benefit

Phlebotomists work mainly in hospitals, private laboratories, and clinics. Phlebotomists who collect blood donations sometimes travel to different offices or sites to set up mobile donation centers. Some phlebotomists travel to long-term care centers or patients' homes.

Blood tests are an integral part of diagnostic procedures, helping health professionals to check for specific illnesses. Blood tests allow doctors and physicians to determine whether a patient’s organs function well and enable them to diagnose a specific disease and develop a treatment plan.

Potential Job Opportunities:

This course is designed to prepare you for employment in the expanding areas of health care The participants completing this course will have opportunities to work inside the country as well as outside especially in the Middle East in different domains .

Job Destinations
  • Phlebotomist
  • Phlebotomist cum receptionist
  • Blood Bank Phlebotomist
  • Home Rider Phlebotomist
  • Ambulance Phlebotomist
Job Opportunities
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Hospital setup
  • Clinics /Medical Centers
  • Blood Banks
  • Dispensaries

The certificate offered by the National Skills University has six modules covered in 3 months duration. Each module’s primary focus is to provide students with the necessary skills.

Modules Topics Duration
Module 1Introduction to phlebotomy 1st Month
Module 2Phlebotomist Ethical Responsibilities 1st Month
Module 3Specimens Collection 2nd Month
Module 4Blood and Non-Blood Sampling 2nd Month
Module 5Trouble Shooting 3rd Month
Module 6Practical Demonstration 3rd Month
  • The course fee is Rs 5000 per month
  • Fee is charged on monthly basis
  • Partial fee waiver available for deserving candidates

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