Tax Certification Course

Program at a Glance

  • 8 weeks skill certificate
  • Total 8 modules
  • Total fee 20,000

Learn the skills required for Tax filing

Every Pakistani is bound to pay taxes while engaging in any trade. It is our national duty that we need to undertake in order to benefit our country. However, most of us are not familiar with the concepts and intricacies of tax filing. Furthermore, we are hindered by our unfamiliarity with the online tax filing system IRIS. In this course, the concepts tax filing, and its online reporting system will be discussed with the participants, and hands on practice will be provided to the participants. By the end of the course, the participants will be able to file their own taxes and use their skills to earn from filing the taxes of others.

How You’ll Benefit

In this interactive course you will be able to:

  1. Build familiarity with Income Tax & Sales Tax statutes and rules applicable in Pakistan
  2. Build practical knowledge of Income Tax & Sales Tax
  3. Familiarize you with the web portal interface of the Federal Board of Revenue and Provincial Revenue Authorities.
  4. Equip yourself with day-to-day practical applications of Income Tax & Sales Tax in Organization

The participating equipped with a Tax certificate will be able to:

Potential Job Opportunities:

  • File their own taxes
  • Save money and time by being independent of Tax agents
  • Act as tax agents of others

The curriculum includes understanding the following modules:

  • Income tax
  • Provincial sales tax
  • Sales tax
  • IRIS






  • Introduction to Income Tax, Sales Tax & Provincial Sales Taxes
  • Developing an understanding of Heads of Income
  • Concept of Resident & Non Resident
  • Computation of taxable income under the heads:
    • Salary
    • Business Income
    • Property Income
    • Capital gain
    • Income from Other sources



  • Withholding Tax Introduction
  • Withholding of tax on
    • Salary
    • Payments for goods
    • Payment for Services
    • Payments against Contracts
    • Payment of Rent
    • Payment of Dividend
  • Advance Tax Collection
  • Returns and statements filing requirements and deadlines



  • Registration with FBR with a practical interface
  • Filing of Income Tax Return practical interface
    • Individual/AOPS
    • Companies
  • Filing of Withholding Statements & Annual Employer Statements practical interface



  • Concept of Assessments & Types of Assessments
    • Original assessment u/s 120
    • Best judgment assessment u/s 121
    • Amendment of assessment u/s 122


  • Books of Accounts
  • Audit of Income Tax Affairs by FBR and notices
  • Appeals
  • Other Important provisions
  • Section 111
  • Section 147
  • Minimum, Corporate & Alternate Corporate Tax u/s 113 & 113C



  • Introduction to Federal & Provincial sales tax laws
  • Mechanism of Sales Tax from Manufacture/Importer to Retailer
  • Charging Sales Tax
    • General Rate of Tax
    • Zero Rating
    • Exempt
    • Reduced Rate
    • Fixed Rate



  • Computation of Sales Tax Liability
  • Registration
  • Sales Tax Returns Filing requirements and deadlines
  • Sales Tax Withholding requirements & statement filing deadlines 
  • Audits
  • Books of Accounts & Records
  • Other Important provisions
  • Restriction of input tax
  • Specified Goods on which input is not allowed
  • Point of Sale



  • Practical Interface of Sales Tax Returns
  • Practical Interface of Sales Tax Withholding Statements



  • Introduction to Provincial Sales Tax on services
  • Rate of sales tax in Provinces
  • Concept of origination & termination
  • Sales tax returns and withholding statements filing with a practical interface
  • The course fee is Rs. 20,000 lump sum
  • Fee is charged on monthly basis
  • Partial fee waiver available for deserving candidates

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