Department of Civil Engineering Technology,

National Skills University,

Faiz Ahmed Faiz Road, H-8/1, Islamabad

Engr. Muhammad Awais Hussain
MS, Southwest Jiaotong University, China

The major skills of Engr. Awais are Quantitative Risk Assessment of Multiple Natural Hazards (Landslide, Earthquake, Debris Flow, Rock falling, Avalanches, Droughts, and Flooding, etc.), Assessment of Human Vulnerability posed by Landslides and Rainfall-induced Landslides, and Debris Flow Early Warning.


Engr. Muhammad Awais Hussain is a Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering Technology at National Skills University, Islamabad.

He received his BS degree in Civil Engineering Technology from MNS-UET, Multan, and MS in Civil Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University, China with a specialization in Geotechnical Engineering. During his masters, he worked on carrying out field & laboratory investigation and simulation to find out the influencing factors involved in the failure of Dewal Landslide. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. from Zhejiang University, China. Engr. Awais is a recipient of a fully-funded Chinese Government Scholarship for Ph.D. & Masters studies and as well as secured University Scholarship during his BS. Besides this, two Dean’s Merit Awards are also to his credit which he received during his bachelor’s studies.

He has over one year of teaching experience at Joint School of LEEDs – SWJTU University Chengdu China and 3 years of field experience in Communication & Works Department, Punjab, Pakistan. Currently, he is working on a Quantitative risk assessment of multiple Natural Hazards in Pakistan, specifically in the Northern route of CPEC.