National Skills University Islamabad Partners with Novo Nordisk Pakistan to Promote Healthy Lifestyle and Diabetes Prevention

April 17th, 2024
National Skills University Islamabad Partners with Novo Nordisk Pakistan to Promote Healthy Lifestyle and Diabetes Prevention

Professor Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Vice Chancellor of National Skills University, and Hasnain Ahmad, Director of Market Access and Public Affairs of Novo Nordisk Pakistan

National Skills University Islamabad, Pakistan's leading public-sector institute, has joined Novo Nordisk Pakistan to enhance awareness of healthy and active living and address critical issues such as diabetes and obesity prevention within educational institutions and communities across Pakistan.

The formal agreement signing ceremony took place on April 16, 2024, at the National Skills University Islamabad, attended by Professor Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Vice Chancellor of National Skills University, and Hasnain Ahmad, Director of Market Access and Public Affairs of Novo Nordisk Pakistan.

During the ceremony, Professor Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar highlighted the potential transformative impact of this public-private partnership. He emphasized that over 50% of Pakistan's population comprises youth, and by investing in their health and well-being today, we are paving the way for a healthier and more prosperous tomorrow. Dr. Mukhtar underscored the role of schools, colleges, and universities as crucial platforms for instilling values of healthy living and educating youth about diabetes and obesity prevention.

According to Prof. Mukhtar this program will complement the ongoing efforts of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (MoFE&PT) to improve the health of school-going children. The ministry has implemented several initiatives, such as school meals, plastic-free schools, regular health checkups in school, and awareness about healthy living. On several occasions, Mr. Mohyuddin A Wani, Federal Secretary of the MoFE&PT, has reiterated his ministry commitment to overcoming the issue of nutritional stunting among school-going children. 

Hasnain Ahmad of Novo Nordisk Pakistan expressed deep appreciation for National Skills University's commitment to this cause. He outlined the partnership's collaborative objectives, which include organizing awareness seminars, workshops, and capacity-building sessions for teachers within educational institutions. Moreover, the collaboration aims to strengthen ties with school associations, education departments, UN agencies, and NGOs, emphasizing the importance of their involvement in expanding the reach of health education initiatives. Your potential contribution to this noble cause is deeply valued and appreciated.

Under this partnership, National Skills University Islamabad and Novo Nordisk Pakistan will collaborate on various activities to educate children, youth, and educators on the importance of good health and well-being.
"We are excited about this collaboration with Novo Nordisk Pakistan, which aligns with our mission to empower our youth with knowledge and skills for a healthier future," stated Professor Dr. Arif Nadeem Saqib, Chairperson of the Department of  Health Sciences Technology, leading this cooperation. According to him, both organizations are committed to leveraging their expertise and resources to promote health consciousness and combat Pakistan's growing health challenges.

May 24, 2024@ 05:47 AM