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BS in Mathematics

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to enable our students to show Mathematical query and find intelligent, practical and viable solutions to the confronted issues. The Mathematics Department aims to provide basic Mathematical foundations to Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Information Engineering Technology students along with a dynamic Bachelor’s Program in Mathematics. Our foremost purpose is to equip our students with Mathematical skills, understanding and attitudes they will need not just to survive but to excel in their careers in the 21st century.

The Department of Mathematics is launching the Bachelor’s Degree program spanning over 4 years/8 Semesters under the guidelines provided by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan. The BS Mathematics Program is devised to build strong foundation for students and empowers them with Mathematical skills. It will provide them with a platform to explore innumerable branches of Mathematics and apply this knowledge seeking opportunities from a vast range of careers in practical lives. Students will exhibit a strong background in all branches of Mathematics including Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Financial Mathematics which will help them to outshine in their careers.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The undergraduate program of the Department of Mathematics targets to provide students with an understanding of Mathematical knowledge which lays the foundation of all disciplines in the field of science and technology.

We will stimulate young minds to

  • Think originally and communicate mathematically
  • Learn to value Mathematics in reasoning and problem solving
  • Develop a progressive, broad-based and futuristic outlook with confidence in their abilities.
  • To apply the acquired skills in Advance Degree Programs and careers requiring expertise in Mathematics.

A career in Mathematics has multidimensional approach and opens up new horizons in the field of Social Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Natural Sciences. The world of today which leans more and more heavily on science and technology demands new advancements in Mathematical knowledge for its upcoming progeny to face the global challenges of the technical era.

Mathematics is derived from two Greek words ‘Manthenein’ means ‘learning’ and ‘Techne’ which means ‘a technique’. Mathematics, therefore, lays the foundation of all sciences to inculcate analytical, abstract and structured thinking among students.

Career Opportunities

As the scope of Technology and Industry is growing day by day so is the demand for Mathematicians in various fields enlisted below.

  • Cyber Security Companies
  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Management companies
  • Data Sciences Companies
  • Biomedical Industry
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Federal Government
  • Research Centers


Dr. Ehnber Naheed

Chairperson and Associate Professor

Dr. Maryam Subhani

Assistant Professor

February 21, 2024@ 04:50 PM