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Department of Medical Laboratory Technology


Medical Lab Technology (MLT) is a fundamental field of modern medicine and is the cornerstone of services in the healthcare system related to diagnosis, prognosis, and prevention of diseases. Major training areas of the department are biochemistry, microbiology, toxicology, hematology, transfusion medicine, immunology, molecular diagnostics and biotechnology. The Medical Lab Technologist helps health care professionals via performing sophisticated laboratory investigations on various body samples for accurate diagnosis and treatment of the disease. They have substantial analytical judgment and their technical skills play a pivotal role in the care and management of the patient. Besides, they also play an essential role in molecular, forensic labs, research institutes, and biotechnology industries etc.

The Department is also offering BS in Biotechnology. It is a field that utilizes biological systems to solve problems and to develop different useful products. People have been using different biological systems for some 10,000 years to improve their quality of life. The field of Biotechnology accommodates people with a wide spectrum of interests. Health biotechnology, Agriculture biotechnology, Microbial biotechnology, Environment biotechnology, Food biotechnology, and recombinant DNA technology are the prominent areas in which biotechnologists are playing a major role.


The Department of MLT at National Skills University offers a four-year bachelor’s degree program in Medical Laboratory Technology and four-year bachelor’s degree program in Biotechnology. The objective is to provide technical skills along with an aptitude for science and professional qualities.

The designed curriculum will help students to plan careers in research, academia, or in different health sciences professions (health industry, agriculture industry, food industry and environmental field). The course work and hands-on training will teach all skills and protective measures to perform various laboratory investigations to the students. Besides, students will be equipped to acquire higher education in various advance medical specialties, including hematology, microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, health biotechnology, food biotechnology, and agriculture biotechnology, etc. Specialized mock and patients' relevant exercises on biological samples evaluations will enhance the inbuilt scientific, analytical, and interpersonal skills of the students to comply with challenges in medical laboratory technology and biotechnology.

We aim to develop a vibrant, recognized, and research-oriented environment for our students with highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art labs. The Department is committed to academic excellence leading to employment and entrepreneurship through skilling the youth.

Our graduates will excel in diverse setups like public health labs, forensic labs, research, biotechnology lab, biosafety training labs and development sector related to diagnosis and treatment and biomedical engineering etc

Degree Programs

6-Month Certificate Courses


Dr. Muhammad Arif Nadeem Saqib

Chairperson and Associate Professor

Dr. Ijaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Tanveer Tara


Dr. Bibi Khadija


January 29, 2023@ 04:30 PM